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Poole is a small town located on the Henderson-Webster county line in western Kentucky approximately 16 miles south of Henderson and nine miles north of Dixon on US Highway 41A. The town of Poole is reported to have been founded by John and Jane Poole, who arrived here via oxcart from Bardstown in 1826.

Poole is a peaceful little town with all of the necessary amenities for growing up in the style of Southern Living. Actually, the type of living in small town USA, or Poole in this case, was portrayed very accurately by Norman Rockwell many times on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Of course, he didn't use Poole as a model for his paintings, but some of the characters in his paintings could have been mistaken for people in our town.

Poole has a restaurant, convenience store, post office, barber shop, Auto Body Shop, Crop Production Services, storage buildings, MX track, two beauty shops, and four churches. Poole Deposit Bank opened in 1902, but was closed in 2011.

In 1988, Poole Harvest Daze began a yearly occasion that brings people from miles away to rekindle old friendships, eat good food and be entertained. Thousands of people have attended the Harvest Daze festivities over the years.



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