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Poole Missionary Baptist Church
In the heart of the community with the community at heart

US Highway 41A
David Mabrey, Pastor

Sunday School 9:45 AM
Worship Service 10:45 AM
Evening Service 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 PM


  The Poole Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 20, 1848, and was known as the Shady Grove Church of United Baptists, by Elders W. W. Whayne and A. Hatchett, Jr. The records show the first members to be John Whitledge, Elizabeth Whitledge, Peter Mooney Mrs. Mooney, and Drury Allen. Elder W. W. Whayne was called as pastor.

  The services were held on Saturday afternoon before the third Sunday and consisted of a sermon and business meeting.L. D. Cavanaugh was the first person to be saved and baptised through the ministry of the church in June, 1848.

  The records show that in 1850 the Church was in the Little Bethel Association and was meeting twice a month.

February, 1851: Ordained, or licensed P. J. Stinette to the ministry.

November, 1853: Licensed H. Sandefur to the ministry. At the request of the Olive Branch Church, two delegates were sent to assist in settling a difficulty in that church.

April, 1855: Elected Peter Mooney as houskeepter, to be paid $9.00 per year.

1875: Excerpt from Minutes: "The Church then took up the missionary cause and instructed her delegates to vote for a missionary to ride in the destitutions in the boundaries of our association next year and to pledge $10 for the support of same."

March, 1860: The first offerings for foreign missions were sent to the General Association. The total amount was $7.00





November, 1863: A building committee consisting of William Jewell, R. K. Thornberry, and L. B. Stinnett was organized to meet with General Baptist and Methodist to see about building a meeting house at Shady Grove. A committee met with a group at Widdow Gardners to consider constituting as a church (mission church).

February, 1864: Licensed Bro. J. M. Stone to preach.

April, 1866: A committee met at Tapp's School for the purpose of constituting a church in that vicinity. It was called New Highland Baptist Church with 18 members. Elder Morris was the first pastor.

June, 1866: Bro J. M. Stone was ordained at the New Highland Baptist Church, with a committee of our pastor and deacons assisting.

February, 1872: First collection for Home Missions with a total of $7.50.

March, 1874: Licensed M. D. Thornberry to preach.

March, 1883: Licensed S. B. Gentry to preach.

May, 1901: The Church voted to authorize R. M. Brown to organize a Sabbath School.
Sometime prior to 1905, the name of the Church was changed to Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church and the location was changed from the old cemetery to a new building on the lot where the present church stands. The election of pastors was on a yearly basis.

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