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Poole Missionary Baptist Church
In the heart of the community with the community at heart

US Highway 41A
David Mabrey, Pastor

Sunday School 9:45 AM
Worship Service 10:45 AM
Evening Service 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 PM


September 16, 1905: The first mention of the Church Covenant is in the minutes.

September, 1923: The Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church was host to the Ohio Valley Baptist Associational Meeting, which met in a two-day session.

July 19, 1924: Revival led by J. B. Skinner, Pastor, and E. G. Sisk. There were 15 conversions.

May, 1927: It was voted to give burial lots in the old church yard for the purpose of keeping graveyard.

October 14, 1933: Bro Russell Duncan was granted his license to preach, was called as Pastor in December, 1934 and ordained on March 31, 1935 by Bro. A. Earl Meador.

August 24, 1935: Evangelist Evans T. Mosleyconducted revival services, and the following were the first converts to be baptized by Russell Duncan: Muriel (Pete) Casey, Clay Crowley, Lucille Newton, Mrs. Morris and Forrest Overfield.

1935: First linen tablecloth for the communion table was donated by Florence Locket.

1939: The name of the church was changed from Shady Grove Baptist Church to Poole Baptist Church.

1940's: The church patricipated in the associational radio program on WSON in Henderson.

March 12, 1944: It was voted to have preaching services on the first Sunday of each month.

November 18, 1944: A committee of five, composed of Spurgeon Duncan, Wilburn Jewell, Roy Russell, Malcolm Arnett and Fred Westerman, was appointed to draw plans, or get blueprints for a new church building. Later, Bro. Thomas Cottingham was appointed to take Malcolm Arnett's place.

March 17, 1945: It was voted to change the meeting dates to the second and third Sundays of each month.

February, 1947: The organized Woman's Missionary Union was recognized as part of the Church.

March 21, 1948: A 100th anniversary celebration was held. Former pastor, Bro. Wilbur H. Collins presided. The sermon for the morning service was given by former pastor, Bro. A. Earl Meador. Other former pastors attending were Bro. D. F. McCormick, Bro E. G. Sisk and Bro. Russell Duncan, who spoke in the afternoon.

May, 1948: It was voted to begin sending $10 to the Co-Operative Program. This was raised to $25 in July.

April, 1949: A contract was made with Smith Alvey to construct the Church building.

August 7, 1949: The cornerstone was laid for the new building. Pastor Gifford Berry was moderator, Spurgeon Duncan was Clerk. Bro Wilbur H. Collins led in prayer with Bro. E. G. Sisk bringing the message. membership at that time was 111.

November, 1949: Training Union was re-organized. V. E. Gunnels was elected as Director.

January, 1950: The old church building was torn down and the first services were held in the new (and present) church building.

March 7, 1951: The Church voted to have full time services and that the annual pastor's call be discontinued. The first full time pastor was Rev. James Crowell, with a salary of $100 per month.

June 4, 1951: First Vacation Bible School was held.

June 6, 1951: The church voted to move the Pastor onto the field and to either rent or build a house by October, 1951.

November, 1951: Girls' Auxiliary and Royal Ambassadors were organized. Leaders were Bro. James Crowell and Mrs. Gertie Russell. Ten percent (10%) of general offering was designated for the Co-Operative Program. The Church Covenant was framed and placed in the sanctuary by Nora Newton, in memory of L. B. Newton.






December 2, 1951: Dedication services were held for the new building, which is the present sanctuary. There was a note burning. The reason the dedication services were delayed was to get the debt paid off prior to the dedication.

April 9, 1952: The parsonage on the adjacent lot to the church building was purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Roy Russell.

1952: The church hosted the annual session of the Ohio Valley Baptist Association.

September, 1953: A new piano and organ combination was purchased.

May, 1955: It was voted to take the Lord's Supper each quarter.

June, 1955: The nursery was equipped.

1956: Averaging 126 in Sunday School. Orville Hickey was pastor.

November 18, 1956: Bro Leslie Baker was ordained into the ministry.

October, 1958: The church voted to join the Green Valley Baptist Association in Henderson, KY, as a charter member.

1966: GA Coronation.

1967: Church bell was restored by the Jewell family and dedicated to the memory of B. E. and Elva Jewell. A new addition of bathroom and bedroom was built onto the parsonage.

December, 1968: A new piano and organ were purchased. They are still in use today.

1980: A steeple was erected by Charles and Anna Russell in memory of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. T. B. Cottingham and Mr. & Mrs. Essell Russell.

1981: New furnace and air conditioners were installed.

October, 1985: We hosted the annual session of the Green Valley Baptist Association.

February, 1988: The sound system was donated by the Melton family in honor of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dorris Melton.

July, 1988: New flags and offering plates were donated by the Westerman family in memory of Fred and Leon Westerman.

March, 1990: The parking lot was paved.

March 6, 1990: The WMU hosted the Associational WMU annual meeting.

September, 1990: The WMU purchased a new communion set with funds contributed by Virginia Fulcher White.

July 1, 1992: The need having arisen for additional Sunday School rooms, the Pastor appointed a committee to "investigate the possibilities". Those appointed were Sam Saalwaechter, Christopher Hedrick and June Crowley, with Pastor Jeff Burke to be an ex officio member.

November 13, 1991: It was voted that five percent (5%) of general offerings be set aside for a building fund.

1993: The santuary was refurbished with carpet, paint, choir loft, and drapes for the baptistery.

August 29, 1993: A dedication service was held for the remodeled sanctuary.

April, 1995: It was voted to purchase a new parsonage from Norris Crowley.

July, 1995: Christopher Alan Reynolds was licensed to preach and was ordained on July 7, 1995.

May, 1996: It was voted to construct a new addition to the present building, including a fellowship hall and rest rooms on the main floor and classrooms in the basement. The first classes were held in the new addition on April 27, 1997, and the lovely addition was dedicated on May 18, 1997.

March 15, 1997: Celebration of 150 year anniversary, followed by revival.

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