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Poole School burns. Fire trucks were sent in from the Halliburton Oil Co., the Corydon fire department and the Henderson fire department. Augmenting these were hundreds of gallons from tank trucks from the Poole area. State police said that they had been informed that four boys were seen by a neighbor woman running from the school shortly before the fire was discovered. One, the woman said, ran down the highway from the school. The others, she said, went to the back of the school and in a few moments a car sped away. A State Police Detective arrived to begin an investigation. The fire, he said, apparently started either in the eighth grade room or the administrative office, both at the front of the building. Rae L. Williams said a boy came rushing into his establishment across the highway to tell him that the school was afire. Woodrow Allen, janitor at the school, said that he checked the furnace at 6 p.m. and left. He was in a store opposite the school when the fire was discovered. He and a friend ran to the school, opened the front door, and the flames burst out. It was a hopeless task from the outset to quell the flames. They swept swiftly through the building that was built in 1927, with additions made in 1937. A new furnace was installed in 1955. The loss was covered partially by insurance. Dick Anderson of Sebree, a member of the Webster county school board, said it was not known how students would be placed but speculation was on Onton, Cairo, Sebree and Dixon. Only by the hardest of work, plus the heavy supply of water rushed in, were the firemen and volunteers able to save the next-door General Baptist Church . As it was, the edifice was badly scorched to the rear where, only recently, a new Sunday school room had been added. The Poole School and all of its activities was the heartbeat of the town. It was the melting pot of the town's people and a place where we all joined together for a common cause. This was the end of Poole as we had always known it. Most of the town folks had attended school there and it was a great loss to all. Losing the school to the town was like losing a member of the community or family. We all had great memories formulated in the school and by friends and teachers. Memories of Poole School , our friends there and all that it accomplished for the town will not be erased. Maybe it was just a small school, but it was our school and we all had much invested there. Friendships made there were made to last a life time. We that attended and graduated there will be thankful and remember it as the cornerstone of our early education and the building of our character. A new school was built for the first eight grades and high school students were spread throughout the adjoining towns.


I occasionally return to Poole to reminisce and visit family and old time friends. When I drive into Poole I get a warm fuzzy feeling and my mind floods with past memories. Each building and each house has their own story to tell and each street leads to memory lane. Poole was and is my town. We who lived there have a special place in our heart for the town. Although I moved away from Poole over five decades ago, I still call it home. Poole, ole Poole, you have been good for me.