Post Office

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Shady Grove General Baptist Church
US Highway 41A
PO Box 22
Poole, KY, 42444
Dean Esarey, Pastor


Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening Service 6:00 PM
Wednesday Service 7:00 PM


The minutes of Union Association show that Shady Grove Church of General Baptists united with that Association in 1842. However, the church records from 1843 until 1860 are meager. On April 8, 1860, the church was reorganized with four charter members. Again, during the year of 1862 and until April 1863 the records are almost totally blank, this being the Civil War period when church activities were at low ebb and services few. Then in April 1863, the church began to function and has continued stedfastly in the work of the Kingdom until this day.

The present building was erected in 1903 by Jerome Duckworth. Additions to this building since then have been the basement and Sunday School rooms at two different times. The applying of Permastone to the exterior and a complete remodeling of the interior leave little of the original building.

All auxiliaries of the church which include Sunday School, Christian Endeavor, Missionary Society, Brotherhood, Guild, P.F.C., and Crusaders have given to all groups a plan to serve.

The church stands in the community of Poole, KY., as a monument to those who labored through many trials and difficult years for its preservation. It stands today as a beacon inviting all to come to the Savior, stay to worship, and go forth to serve. May it ever be a blessing and a witness to the Lord and the community it serves.

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